We want to help you write your online course.


Teach well, sell more.


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Wondering why you would need help writing your lessons?

Keep scrolling to learn the reason why so many online courses fail to scale, launch, or make a profit.

Psst.. It's the reason why so many online courses overpromise yet underdeliver!

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When you teach well, you will sell more.

If you don’t want to guess what to put on that blank page

If you don’t want to feel embarrassed because you don’t know how to teach

If you don’t want to feel insecure about what people will think of your content

If you don’t want to worry about measuring up to your competition

If you want to know people will pay for your teaching

If you want to have a course fully written with an educationally-proven structure

You're an expert in
what you teach.
But you're no expert
in how to teach.

You are ready to teach an online course so you can make passive income in a billion-dollar industry.

But where do you even begin?

yes, i need this!

Your marketing message will only be as good as your teaching message

But anyone can have a great teaching message...
If they know how to write one

Here's what marketing coaches won't tell you...

Writing a course can be easy, when you know what to do!

julia woods,
communication expert & transformational coach

Working with Teach Well Online is beyond helpful. They coached me through rewriting one of my courses, and their insight is invaluable. The attention to detail, knowledge of teaching skills, and ability to break things down into bite-size pieces continue to blow my mind. I shake my head yes to every suggestion because it seems obvious, but I am too close to it to see it on my own!

This blew my mind.

katelyn james, photographer & business educator

I can confidently say that Teach Well Online's approach has been the missing piece that this industry has been desperate for.  The truth is, you more than likely have amazing content, you just aren't teaching it well enough to transform the lives of your customers. Teach Well Online's approach clearly shows where and why the breakdown is happening and then confidently shows you how to rebuild effectively!

The missing piece in the industry!

Let us teach what WE are really good at…

To help you teach what YOU are really good at!

We’ll help you write your online course with the right content that teaches the right people who will pay you money!

  • To target the right audience
  • What content to put in your course
  • What content to leave out of your course
  • Gain a realistic expectation of income potential
  • How to breakdown your content into lessons
  • How long your lessons should be
  • How to organize your course into an outline
  • How to title your course and lessons
  • How to hold your learner’s attention
  • How to plan your lessons
  • How to teach your course
  • And so much more!

a self-paced personal coaching experience

course writers coaching


we want to help you write your online course


krista jones, showit website designer & educator

I recently hired Chad to help solidify my content for an upcoming course. He took my mess of ideas and turned them into an organized and intentional course. The amount of research he put into my content absolutely blew me away and this course is  1000x better because of their help!

My course is 1000x better because of Chad's help!"

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Course Descriptions, Tips and Best Practices for Production

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60-minute live sessions that you book on your own time!


  • 4 Live Coaching Sessions to workshop your content together
  • Personal Coaching for every writing step of your online course
  • Private Slack Channel to message questions and get feedback between coaching sessions
  • Final Review of your course outline and transcripts before you record your course!

We want to help you write your online course!